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3 Words That Can Ruin Your Remodeling Business

3 Words That Can Ruin Your Remodeling Business

A remodeling project comes with a lot of costs for a client. The big cost for many clients is simply not being in control. 

Think about it:

Your clients live in their homes, knowing where everything is and not having to think much as they go about their daily routine.

How to avoid this occurring with your clients?

Predict the Future

Tell them this is how they will likely feel.

Remind them that, no matter what is done to set up the temporary facilities, being frustrated is part of the cost of the project. It does not take a lot of time and the clients will love you for doing it.

Communicate, Communicate

Did I say "Communicate"? Before the project starts, get crystal clear about what will happen.

After the project is done, do a walk-through, no matter how small the project. Ask, again and again, if the client has any concerns. A month or two later check in, just to see how things are going.

A Final Wrap

About six months to a year later, reach out to the client.

Your eyeball-to-eyeball contact with your client after the job is over and is being lived in is part of what they paid for.

What is happening with their family? How have friends responded to the remodeled space? Why do all this? After all, doing so takes time away from getting projects sold and done. The better your company is at addressing your clients' fears, the more likely the stories your clients tell their friends will be good ones.

Your clients will be happier telling those stories instead of bad ones AND your company will get more work.

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