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Census Bureau: Residential Remodeling Count Rose 6.2% in 2015

Census Bureau: Residential Remodeling Count Rose 6.2% in 2015

Number of remodeling firms and % change from previous year, 2003-2015Source: Census Bureau

The number of residential remodeling firms nationwide grew by 6.2% in 2015 from the previous year, the biggest annual change this decade, fresh data from the Census Bureau finds.

Remodeling firms and employee counts, 2003-2015Source: Census Bureau

The agency's latest Statistics of U.S. Business, updated in late September, said the number of residential remodeling companies rose to 98,104 from 92,383. Meanwhile, the number of employees at those firms increased 7.6%, to 318,767 from 2014's 296,326.

Residential Remodeling Firms Organized by Number of Workers, 2003-2015Source: Census Bureau

Just under 83% of those businesses had zero to four employees and another 10.8% had five to nine on the payroll. In contrast, just 152 businesses had a minimum of 100 workers.

Here's how things looked in 2015 alone:

Pie chart showing 2015 Residential Remodeler counts by firm sizeSource: Census Bureau

Employee counts have changed more dramatically year-to-year than the number of firms has. In 2003, the average stood at 3.69 workers per firm. The housing crash of 2008 and 2009 sent the average down to 3.01 per company, but in 2015 the average had risen to 3.25.