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Want Remodeling Success? Learn and Live These Four Ds

Want Remodeling Success? Learn and Live These Four Ds

The success of a business depends significantly on how effective the owner is.

Being effective as an owner is a challenge because the owner usually fulfills several other roles, such as being the salesperson or production manager.

What does the business need from the owner, regardless of what else the owner is doing? I believe these four qualities are crucial:


Why does the business exist? Why did the owner start the business? Often, no one who works there knows. The backstory informs the mission and core values of the business.

To be successful, a business needs the owner to define and codify why the business was started, what will make it successful, and what the points of reference are for all who work there.


Running a small business involves dealing with a lot of situations one never expected to encounter. The business owner must work through all these issues to be successful.

Fact is, getting good at something one doesn't really want to do often makes one a better business person.


An owner usually cannot depend on employees holding him accountable. So how does an owner get the unattractive stuff done? How does an owner get done what will get done only if he does it?

The answer is: Be disciplined.

Walking the walk is the best way an owner can focus on results and demonstrate to employees the behavior expected.


When a business is created, the owner does not have to be good at delegating because he might be the only person in it.

Most business owners need to learn how to do this well.

Only by acknowledging his inability to delegate effectively and taking steps to get better at it can the owner make his business, his employees, and the business's clients feel successful working together.

Keep the 4 Ds in mind when doing anything every day that you are working in and on your business.

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